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How humans lost their tails, twice: 350 million-year-old fish fossils provide new insight into evolution

Fossils showed the early stages of an ancient fish, Aetheretmon valentiacum The developing animal effectively had two tails stacked on top of one another Scientists believe the two
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Drug firms fined almost 90m pounds after hiking cost of epilepsy drug to nhs by 2,600%

Drug firms Pfizer and Flynn Pharma have been fined nearly £90 million for "excessive and unfair" pricing to the NHS after hiking the cost of

Don't smoke while you're pregnant - it makes your child more likely to use cannabis as a teenager

Children are more likely to use cannabis if their mother smoked while pregnant Tobacco causes epigenetic changes in the brain of a foetus, experts believe This was

Health experts say alcohol-fuelled events should be replaced with other activities

Experts say alcohol in the workplace can cause lost productivity Up to 200,000 Britons turn up to work with a hangover each day   Going to the theatre and bowling

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