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Boozers: Alcohol linked to seven deadly cancers

Talk about a buzzkill — drinking alcohol, even in moderation, likely causes at least seven kinds of cancer. New Zealand researchers published their sobering meta-analysis of
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Are YOU good in bed? The seven must-have moves that make you an expert between the sheets

A great body? Being able to tie a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue? Knowing every position in the Kama Sutra? What ARE the

Red, white and boobs: American women boast the biggest breasts in the world

The U.S. is the breast country in the world. American women have the biggest boobs across the globe, with the average babe’s bosom measuring a D-cup

What type of snorer are YOU? Take this test to reveal which solutions are most likely to silence you

It's the cause of many sleepless nights, leads to frazzled nerves, irritability and often couples sleeping in separate bedrooms. Anyone can snore but, according to the

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