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Feds announce final e-cigarette rule that nearly bans them

Electronic cigarettes and premium cigars will now be regulated the same way as tobacco cigarettes and regular cigars, according to a new federal rule issued
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Patient catches on FIRE while undergoing surgery at a New York hospital when medical instrument causes spark 'in the presence of oxygen'

A patient caught fire while undergoing an operation at a New York hospital, it has emerged. The blaze broke out when a medical instrument was used

How DO drugs really work? Expert explains how ibuprofen turns off headaches and antidepressants improve mood.

Whether a drug is prescribed by the doctor, bought over the counter or obtained illegally, we mostly take their mechanism of action for granted and

Why you can’t cook rice: Scientists reveal the perfect formula for fluffy results - and say the most common recipes are wrong

It may come as no surprise to some to hear you’ve probably been cooking rice the wrong way. From the burnt layer stuck to the bottom

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