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60 wounded US soldiers to get penis transplants to help them start families

Surgeons are to give 60 soldiers new penises in the first ever transplants of their kind in the US.  The first patient, who has not been
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Why you should EAT water, not drink it If you're obsessed with rehydrating, drop that bottle and reach for the fruit and veg

We are always being told that we don’t drink enough water - the recommended amount is two litres, or eight large glasses, a day -

Millennials drink nearly half of all wine in the U.S.

The words "millennials" and "drinking" might bring to mind keg parties, craft brews or vodka. But don't forget the wine: Millennials drank 42 percent of all

The world's most infected town: Inside the tiny Brazilian 'death zone' where 500 A DAY are struck down with deadly Zika virus and police fight filthy hoarders who spread the disease

In a small, impoverished town in rural Brazil, soldiers surround a squalid whitewashed house sandwiched between several others on a dusty cobbled street. The inside of

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