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Apple is looking into a video of an iPhone 'exploding'

A video of a device appearing to exploded was posted on Twitter It shows a rose gold iPhone 7 melting and smoking beside a sink Apple has
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Ultrasonic sensors could replace Touch ID on iPhone 8

Describes placing sensors made of acoustic transducers under display Sensing mode would detect reflections in sound waves caused by fingerprint Could use system to scan other parts

Instagram lets you share TEN photos and videos in one post

Followers can swipe through a collection of photos uploaded as one post The new feature lets users upload 'albums' of photos for an event or theme The

Facebook down: Problems at social network send users into FRENZY as they can't access news feed

Facebook is suffering sporadic outages across the UK leaving people unable to access their news feed or load other pages. There's been no official announcement from

1 2 3 4 5 6 next total: 235 | displaying: 1 - 41