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Ellen DeGeneres hospitalized after wine-fueled incident

It’s a good thing laughter is the best medicine, because Ellen DeGeneres has some healing to do. “So, you know how in gymnastics when you do
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Kim Kardashian West ‘mentally prepped’ for rape during heist

Kim Kardashian West says she “mentally prepped” herself to be raped while being held at gunpoint during a Paris jewelry heist last year. Kardashian West discussed

Glen Campbell can’t play guitar anymore due to Alzheimer’s disease

Glen Campbell’s Alzheimer’s disease has robbed the legendary musician of his ability to play guitar. The 80-year-old “Rhinestone Cowboy” singer was diagnosed in 2011 and continued

Amanda Seyfried’s ‘intimate’ photos released online

Amanda Seyfried has become one of several actresses to face unwanted drama this week. TMZ reported on Wednesday that the legal team of the 31-year-old actress

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