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Was Lamar's Overdose Linked To Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Prostitutes Say NBA Star Became 'Irate' After Receiving Phone Call About the show

Was Lamar's Overdose Linked To Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Prostitutes Say NBA Star Became 'Irate' After Receiving Phone Call About the show

Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after a weekend bender downing herbal viagra and cognac at a Nevada brothel took a turn for the worse, and now sources say that his collapse may have to do with Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Two prostitutes found the former NBA star, 35, unconscious and leaking liquid from his mouth Tuesday afternoon in a VIP house attached to Dennis Hof's Love Ranch, a legal brothel in Pahrump, Nevada.

Hof told E! News that Odom was in high spirits when he picked the athlete up at his LA gated community on Saturday, but says he became 'bummed' after receiving a phone call on Sunday.

Odom is the ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian and TMZ reports that the phone call was related to his portrayal on the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

These sources say Odom became 'irate' after the call and remained inconsolable up until he was found unconscious.

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This is the video obtained by of Lamar Odoms ride in the Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue vehicle from the Brothel named Love Ranch South

Odom was being transported to Desert View Hospital around 4:16 Pm on Tuesday October 13th. TMZ is told Khloe Kardashian is now by his side

Ambulance rushes Lamar Odom to hospital in race to save him

 According to E!, the last time someone saw Odom alert was at 6am on Tuesday, when a prostitute woke him up to tell him she was leaving. That source also said that no illicit drugs were found in the room.

Hof says that over the weekend, Odom consumed 10 herbal Viagra pills and two-thirds of a bottle of cognac. Other sources told TMZ though that Odom was popping 8 to 10 of these pills at a time, and that he used regular Viagra as well.

While Viagra is a widely used drug, it does come with some rare side effects that can cause low blood pressure, heart attack and even stroke.

Following news of Odom's collapse, his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian rushed to be by his side at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

She was quickly followed by sister Kim Kardashian West and mother Kris Jenner, who was pictured looking distraught outside the hospital in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The medical emergency is bringing even the most estranged members of the Kardashian clan together, including brother Rob who cut ties with his sisters in recent years. Rob lived with Khloe and Lamar during their short marriage, and had a close friendship with his then brother-in-law.  

Scott Disick, who recently broke up with the eldest Kardashian sister Kourtney, is also reportedly coming to be by Odom's side.    


A worried looking Kris Jenner is pictured leaving Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada early Wednesday morning, after rushing to be by the side of her former son-in-law Lamar Odom 

Jenner was one of the first in the Kardashian family to arrive at the hospital, following news of Odom's coma 

Odom had paid to stay in the VIP suite at the Love Ranch brothel in Pahrump, Nevada this weekend. He was found unconscious by two prostitutes 

Above, the view of the bathroom in the VIP suite at the Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom was found unconscious Tuesday afternoon 

 As Khloe Kardashian posed for a sultry lingerie shoot in Beverly Hills, her ex-husband was found unconscious at a brothel in Nevada

The reality star looked moody as she posed in the sunlight wearing a semi-sheer top and skintight bottoms


Lamar Odom's father Joe Odom, who he has been estranged from, sits with a friend talking on their cell phones looking distraught after news broke of his son being on Life support in a Las Vegas hospital. Joe was in Marina del Rey, CA

Odom's father Joe has reportedly said he believes that his son had been drugged and was recently depressed

He then had to be taken to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas by ambulance for further treatment because at 6ft 10in he was too tall to be airlifted.

His former LA Lakers team mate Kobe Bryant has also been seen visiting the Sunrise Hospital after leaving his team's game against the Sacramento Kings early last night.

Odom is the estranged husband of Khloe Kardashian (pictured together in May 2012), who filed for divorce in 2013 after marrying him in 2009

Fareed Samad says Lamar Odom was having a 'momentary lapse'

Meanwhile speaking outside the facility, Odom's personal trainer Fareed Samad said he believed his client has suffered a 'momentary lapse' and had previously been working out for three hours a day in a bid to get fit.

He explained: 'This is all of a sudden. He was doing so well and was looking to get back to fitness. 

'Next thing you know someone calls and tells me he is unconscious.'

Asked why he thought the NBA star had gone to the brothel, Mr Samad added: 'When he wakes up we will find out.'  

Odom arrived at the legal brothel, the Love Ranch, in Crystal over the weekend and ordered a bottle of cognac. 

It is understood that a female worker at the ranch last saw him at around 6am Tuesday morning.

Fellow ranch workers Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe then discovered the basketball player unresponsive around 3pm that afternoon and immediately called for a manager.

Brothel owner Hof told that an employee saw liquid pouring from his mouth and nose.

He said there were no signs that Odom had been doing drugs other than the herbal Viagra substitute.

'It’s terrible. You got people, the girls that found him, out here that are very upset,' said Hof.

'I hope he lives.'

Hof estimated that Odom had possibly taken 10 of the herbal Viagra substitutes but would not say if the athlete was a regular at the establishment.

Odom was reportedly staying in Hof's home next to the brothel and not in the brothel itself.  

The basketball star's estranged father Joe claimed his son was drugged.

He told Hollywood Life: 'Somebody drugged my son. There’s no way he’s down there partying crazy like that. No way. I knew something was wrong because I’ve been calling him all day and he hasn’t been answering.

'I need all his fans to send him well wishes. If Khloe knows anything about this, please, tell her to call me. We all love Lamar and want him to pull through this.' 

Odom is a two-time NBA champion and won a Bronze medal at the 2004 Olympic in Athens. 




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