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Utah Couple Arrested After Starting Sexual Relationship With Their Babysitter, 16, And Giving The Teenager Drugs'

The pair (Louis left, Samantha right) allegedly had sex with the girl, who they had known for years, for four months starting in February

A Utah couple has been arrested after they started having a sexual relationship with their babysitter.

Louis and Samantha Wilhelm of Millcreek have each been charged with multiple felonies after they allegedly enticed the 16-year-old into having sex with them multiple times over the course of four months starting in February.

According to charging documents, the couple also gave the babysitter alcohol and marijuana, and she took acid with Samantha.

Louis, 35, also allegedly received nude photos from the girl, who had been their babysitter for years. 

Louis and Samantha Wilhelm (above with their children) of Millcreek, Utah are accused of having a sexual relationship with their 16-year-old babysitter

Apology? Louise Wilhelm wrote he had made 'so many mistakes' on Facebook

The Deseret News reports that Louis has been charged with four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor' five counts of endangerment of a child, and nine counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

His wife Samantha - who has three children - has been charged with nine counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and one count of endangerment of a child.

They are set to appear in court on Wednesday. 

The couple, who are very active on Facebook. alluded to the charges in posts they put up on the social media site over the past few days.

'I have made so many mistakes in my life, some big, some small, but none have ever carried bigger consequences for myself, my children, and the people I love,' wrote Louis on Thursday.

'I may not be present for awhile, either long, or short, but I will carry all of the memories along with me, of every time one of you has made me smile, cry, laugh, or cringe. 

'I love the life I have built for myself, and the thought of losing that reduces me to tears, to weeping like a child who's ice cream has tumbled into the street.'

Groping: Married father Louis Wilhelm posted suggestive posts on Facebook

The two also seem to host weekly parties, and Louis wrote last week; 'This friday may be the last party at our current place before we move, so the invite is coming out early.... if you've ever been over, for any of the parties, come on through, get shitty, grope your friends, have a good time.

'Seriously, grope your friends, it lets them know that you like them and is a bonding experience for both of you....'

The charging documents claim that the couple 'discussed all the risks' of their relationship with the girl, and knew that what they were doing was illegal.

It is not revealed who notified police of the relationship











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Utah Couple Arrested After  Starting Sexual Relationship With Their Babysitter, 16, And Giving The Teenager Drugs'
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