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Seven Boston College students could face expulsion after Trump protests

Seven Boston College students could face expulsion after Trump protests Seven Boston College students could face expulsion after Trump protests
  • Boston College students will face disciplinary action for arranging protests 
  • Eradicate Boston College Racism organised two protests after Trump's election 
  • Seven students could face expulsion from school although that is unlikely
  • They are not protected by First Amendment rights on the private campus

Seven Boston College students face punishment, including a possible expulsion from school, for organizing two peaceful protests following the election of Donald Trump. 

The unofficial student group, Eradicate Boston College Racism, instigated rallies on November 14 to counter all forms of hate and a second on December 1, that was part of national college walkout, in support of undocumented migrants in the US. 

Illegal immigrants to the US are fearful that president elect Donald Trump will start a strict campaign to deport them when he enters the Oval Office.

 Students at Boston College make a peaceful protest at the gathering on November 14

Students at Boston College make a peaceful protest at the gathering on November 14

And the students organised protests on O'Neill Plaza on the BC campus where hundreds held banners and candles to speak out against various forms of injustice and hate at the college and across the US. 

The college says four were summoned to an administrative hearing to adjudicate the matter, while three were asked to meet with administrators for a 'conversational resolution.'


Although they face disciplinary action it is unlikely they will be expelled for their actions with school spokesperson Jack Dunn saying that it is 'not within the realm of possibility for this type of incident.'

The young protesters have sought advice and further information on their college campus rights from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Sarah Wunsch, legal director of the state ACLU, labeled the school's move to discipline students 'startling.' 


There have been scores of protests across the US since Trump's election to the White House. Here protesters demonstrate ahead of Pennsylvania's 58th Electoral College at the state Capitol in Harrisburg

'I'd say shame on Boston College. This is a time when other universities, I think, are actually praising their students for speaking out and being active and engaging in the issues of the day,' Wunsch told the Boston Globe.

Although the First Amendment does not technically apply to private colleges state law does allow for freedom of expression if it does not disrupt others, Wunsch added. 

The students did not apply for a permit to become an officially recognized body within the University as a similar group was denied official status multiple times and they didn't want to be subject to to the rules that come with official recognition, such as not criticizing the university, students said.        

 Donald Trump officially crossed the line to 270 electoral votes with electors in Texas casting a ballot for the Republican on Monday afternoon. 

Calls for Trump to be voted down by members of the Electoral College were roundly ignored – with only two 'faithless' Republican electors rejecting the president-elect and four deserting Democrat Hillary Clinton.   

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