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What's wrong with nuts? Incredibly vicious squirrel defeats a snake in an epic battle before EATING the helpless reptile

Squirrels normally eat nuts, plants and seeds but eat meat if hungry  One got so peckish that it sang its teeth into a snake sparking fight  Vicious
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The Tabby Who Could Predict Death

He was just an ordinary black-and-white tabby, adopted from an animal shelter. Oscar was one of six cats that lived at the Steere House Nursing

10 Tips to Plan for Air Travel With Your Dog

Air travel can be extremely stressful for dogs, and there are safety risks involved. But sometimes, dog owners have no other choice. Melanie Monteiro, dog

2009 Hero Pet of the Year

At 13 pounds, ChiChi might be most at home in a handbag. “He’s so tiny, I can scoop him up with one hand,” says Mary

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